JK Rowling commencement enrages some Harvard students

Harry Potter author JK RowlingThe author of Harry Potter was picked for Harvard’s 2008 Commencement speech, but some students aren’t sold on the muggle. Some of them feel that the bajillionaire is, get this, beneath them. Oh, and there’s the usual hangups about witchcraft, the devil and homosexuals.

“Our commencement speaker tricked parents into letting their kids read books filled with sex, murder, and homosexual role models,” said Adam Goldenberg, a Canadian student who writes for the Harvard Crimson, the daily newspaper at the university.

“Harvard seniors have every right to demand a Harvard-calibre speaker. Harry Potter ? and JK Rowling ? is just a flash in the pan. Writing bedtime stories is lame ? just ask Tolkien and CS Lewis. The class of 2008 has been royally screwed by Harvard. A petty pop culture personality of questionable permanence will send us on our merry way, while figures of real substance wait in the wings.”

I would hardly call Tolkein or CS Lewis mere bedtime story tellers and like those two heavyweights, Rowling elevates mere fantasy/mythology to a grandeur unseen in most literature.

To balance off the slight of author J.K. Rowling, Harvard students enlisted Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to speak on Class Day. Obviously, it goes without saying that Robin Williams is available for commencement. Seems like he might be “highbrow” enough for all those smaht kids.

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