Netflix for books

Not sure how Book Swim is going to replace the library, but then again, I never underestimate people’s penchant for not wanting to leave their house, or rather, expending the least amount of effort to get what they want.

Here’s how it works: Readers order books online and receive them through the mail. They can choose among plans that would allow them to receive from three to 11 books at a time. These books can be kept for as long as the reader likes with no late fees.

When finished with at least two books, the reader sends them back to BookSwim in a pre-paid return bag that comes with every shipment.

Readers who fall in love with their books have the option to buy them. (About a third of the books shipped out are brand new – the others are “pre-read.”)

There are four different membership levels, ranging from $19.98 per month for their “light reader” three-at-a-time plan to $39.94 per month for the “voracious reader” 11-at-a-time plan.

Again though, there is something about the library that lends itself to discovery, something about flipping through books, pulling them off the shelves, smelling their binding and making that connection with a book you’ve never heard of.  I do agree that libraries should be better about keeping high demand books in stock and there’s something to be said about not having to wait four months just to read something.

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