Stephanie Posavec’s gorgeous map of “On the Road”


This might be the most beautiful rendering of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road put to paper. Stephanie Posavec has managed to represent the book in every way imaginable with graphs and renderings as an array of flowers, with petals and blossoms accurately reflecting the word and paragraph count of each chapter. Colors are assigned based on the subject of each section, like cyan for ‘Dean Moriarty,’ & tan for ‘Parties, drinking, & drugs.’

As a fan of the book, it’s pretty mind blowing to see it excavated in a manner I would never have considered. Clearly she’s done her work. Needless to say, the mapping of the novel was on display at a Sheffield, UK museum. And yes, this is true obsessive artistry.

More pictures can be found here. Check them out it’ll make your day, especially the sentence drawings. [via]

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