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Pretty much everyone agrees that author Stephen King’s best, most important work is The Stand. Though I wonder if the book is something like the Bible or James Joyce’s Ulysses; sure, everyone has a copy lying around their house and the thought of reading it sure is nice but geez it’s really long, longer than the bible even and I’m not sure if I want to invest all that time and energy into it and surely there has to be a movie version of the book right?

Guilty as charged on all accounts.? Except for owning the Bible.? Be that as it may, The Stand is always a good idea until you actual feel how heavy it is.? Unfortunately, the televsion movie while compelling is sorta not that good and probably longer than ole Chuck Heston’s The Ten Commandments. I think it may star Molly Ringwald, which no one wanted to have happen in 1994.

So what’s the happy medium?? A comic book graphic novel version courtesy of Marvel, the company that also published a graphic novel adaptation of King’s The Dark Tower epic.

Head to UGO for the first six pages of the first book.

Plot: It begins here: the apocalyptic epic battle between good and evil based on the classic bestseller by master of horror Stephen King! On a secret army base in the Californian desert, something has gone horribly, terribly wrong. Something that will send Charlie Campion and his wife and daughter fleeing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for the Campion family–and the rest of America–they are unaware that all three of them are carrying a deadly cargo: A virus that will spread from person to person like wildfire, triggering a massive wave of disease and death, prefacing humanity’s last stand! Be there as writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four) teams with artist Mike Perkins (Captain America) for the first arc in the next great Stephen King event!

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