Another author accuses Twilight-scribe of plagiarism

breakingdawnAnother day, another cease and desist letter sent to Stephanie Meyer.  This time it’s Jordan Scott, claiming that fourth book 2008’s Breaking Dawn ripped off major plot points from her 2006 book, The Nocturne.

The aforementioned cease and desist letter was obtained by TMZ and claims that both books contain a post-wedding sex scene, a scene where the main character’s wife dies and a scene about a woman carrying a demonic child with evil powers, wrapped in similar dialogue. Mere coincidence? Obviously, Jordan Scott’s people don’t think so, but Meyer’s people are calling bs.

The TMZ story has a link to a 15-page PDF letter detailing the alleged dialogue ripoffs.  But honestly, it’s like no vampire story has every contained a sex scene, a death, and demonic children.  Stupid.

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