Catcher in the Rye unauthorized sequel

rye5The only person who thinks a sequel to The Catcher in the Rye is necessary is probably John David California, the 32-year-old author of 60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye. The Swedish-American, California is a former “gravedigger and Ironman triathlete” so he’s got that going for him, unlike his new book.

Anyway, the new one features an aged Holden Caulfied escaping his nursing home and wandering around the city.  I shit you not.  California talks to the Guardian:

“Just like the first novel, he leaves, but this time he’s not at a prep school, he’s at a retirement home in upstate New York,” said California. “It’s pretty much like the first book in that he roams around the city, inside himself and his past. He’s still Holden Caulfield, and has a particular view on things. He can be tired, and he’s disappointed in the goddamn world. He’s older and wiser in a sense, but in another sense he doesn’t have all the answers.”

As if that wasn’t enough original author JD Salinger even appears as a character in the new novel.  I almost want to read this just to experience the trainwreck firsthand.  Because, I would assume, most people grow out of this book when they turn 18.  It’s one of those books, like On the Road, that are only meaningful if you read it at specific point in your life.

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