Cormac McCarthy interview

OB-EW638_cormac_F_20091112231822The Wall Street Journal sits down with author Cormac McCarthy on the eve of his novel The Road having its movie adaptation in theaters.  I know next to nothing of the man and author, save for his bleak and nihilistic view of life through his novels, but I wish to know him better after reading this.

“I have a great sympathy for the spiritual view of life, and I think that it’s meaningful. But am I a spiritual person? I would like to be. Not that I am thinking about some afterlife that I want to go to, but just in terms of being a better person,” he says.  “I have friends at the Institute. They’re just really bright guys who do really difficult work solving difficult problems, who say, “It’s really more important to be good than it is to be smart.” And I agree it is more important to be good than it is to be smart. That is all I can offer you.”

The entire interview is filled with fantastic chestnuts ready to be opened.

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