Cory Doctorow’s Makers being serialized pre-publication

For those only familiar with Cory Doctorow through his writing as a Guardian columnist or as one of the five erstwhile editors of Boing Boing, it may be difficult to appreciate him.  At times he comes off as too-self-promoty and almost like a socially functional Kaczynski-lite.  But after devouring his novel Little Brother  in three sittings, I’m head over heals for the guy.

It was through reading that novel that I was fully able to appreciate his contributions in his non-fiction writing.

makersAll of that backhanded compliments are a way to say that I’m fully on-board with the man — his techie, copyleft, open-source, man against the bureaucracy view of life.  Using existing technology to set yourself free from government intrusion. 

His latest novel from Tor sounds as if it will make a nice companion piece to Little Brother. 

“I was lucky enough to score an early copy of Makers from Cory a few months ago, and it’s a fun, smart thought experiment that basically asks the question: What if the people who read MAKE: magazine became activists who wanted to subvert more than licensing agreements?,” writes Annalee Newitz of io9.  “In a near future of economic collapse, unemployed hardware hackers start setting up guerrilla amusement park rides and making the good kind of trouble that earns people a little more freedom. And of course, sinister representatives from major entertainment corporations are hot on their tails.” 

Makers is being serialized in 81 parts at (also, they’ve created special feed just for the novel, which you can subscribe to here).  The book will be onsale in November.

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