8mkI’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wear the “#1 Dick” jersey, after all I’m not a douchy meathead (douchy, yes, meathead no; there is a distinction) but the “#8 Prynne” is pretty groovy.

The company that devised these literary baseball T-shirts, Novel-T’s, score huge points for a great idea, but alas, their execution isn’t up to snuff.  If I were the company I would be selling these designs on one of those baseball T-shirts (the ones with the 3/4 length colored sleeves and white body); and my roster wouldn’t lean so heavily on characters/authors with connections to 19th Century New England romanticism. 

Maybe a “#22 Yossarian” is too obvious, as would a “#9 Hobbs”, perhaps “#12 Haze” is not obvious enough with exception to fans of Lolita, but I’ve got to believe some more contemporary choices would make financial sense.  [Via]

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