Superman Comic sells for more than $300,000

So the speculation can end, now that Action Comics number one has gone to auction and sold for the tidy sum of $317,200. Who placed the high bid? System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan, although he is a dealer of rare and vintage comics, and may have been bidding for a client.

The amount is one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book, according to co-owner Stephen Fishler. “Maybe in a booming economy, it would have done a hundred grand more,” Fishler commented, “but in this economy, I think the price is great.”


Action Comics number one really is the holy grail, so to speak, and finding a copy today is hard to do. The $317,000 issue was originally picked up in the early 1950s for 35 cents, meaning the appreciation on the collectible is a lot.  Love that fuzzy math.

The price reflects a new record: Flash Comics #1 brought a staggering $273,125 in 2006.

[via Get the Big Picture]

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