The Rory Gilmore Reading Project

sexyThe Rory Gilmore Reading Project is a blog centered around the challenge of reading all of the books mentioned by Rory Gilmore.  I would never in a million years think to take note of how many books she mentions on the show, or even try to read them all, but this is an insanely great idea.  By the blog estimation, Rory name-checks about 250 books. I don’t know anyone who reads anymore, who has the time really?, but the challenging thing here is that Rory was the ultimate overachiever, right up until she spiraled out of control and her personality kinda changed during the final season.

Good thing there is no time limit and the project is open to anyone that wishes to participate.  Because after all, reading is sexy! (See how you measure up with the handy Google Docs  spreadsheet)

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