Tiger Woods Increases Physics Book Sales

Tiger-Woodss-car-with-Get-002Well, at least there seems to be one positive outcome of the whole Tiger Woods debacle.  When photos of his wrecked SUV surfaced, there was a tattered copy of Get a Grip on Physics by Sussex University professor John Gribbin among an assortment of usual fair.  This, of all things, has led the book’s sales to dramatically increase in the United States.

“”It’s not a book you sit down and read from cover to cover,” Gribbin told the UK Guardian, “you can dip in and out of it. Tiger Woods is absolutely my target audience. He’s busy, hasn’t got a lot of time, but wants to catch up on what’s happening in physics.”  It’s sales rank on Amazon.com jumped from 396,224 earlier in the week to a high spotted yesterday by the Wall Street Journal of 2,268.

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