Book Tagging In Real Life

Nina Simon explains:

Haar lem Oost is a branch library in the Netherlands that wanted to encour age visitors to add tags […] to the books they read. […] To do this, the library didn’t create a complicated computer system or send people online. Instead, they installed more book drops and return shelves, labeled with different descriptors like “boring,” “great for kids,” “funny,” etc.

Post tagging in real life!  It’s perfect. Except that people were taking this task so seriously that they weren’t returning books for quite some time and eventually, the system had to be shelved due to the logistical nightmare of having no books to check out and particular drop-off bins becoming too full.

It short, the project was a victim of it’s own success.

The comment thread is also illuminating, diving deeper into this notion.  But, to me, it seems like a mechanism taken for granted (and now one would argued practically ignored/turned into high art) amongst bloggers could have a practical effect on physical books at a library.  It is kind of brilliant. [via]

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