Depressing Dostoevsky-Themed Train Station

A new subway station in St. Petersburg, inspired by Dostoevsky, is being criticized for being “gloomy and depressing” and possibly inciting riders to suicide. The station, Dostoevskaya, contains mosaics of some of the more graphic scenes from the author’s oeuvre, including the moment in Crime and Punishment when Raskolnikov murders the pawnbroker with an ax, as well as a character from The Demons holding a gun to his own head. The artist remains unapologetic: “What did you want? Scenes of dancing? Dostoevsky does not have them.” Fair enough, but St. Petersburg might consider checking in with the artist of the Nabokov station before its completed.

The only thing that could make this story about the just-opened Dostoevsky-themed subway station in Moscow any better, is if it were a Tolstoy-themed station with murals of Anna Karenina throwing herself in front of a train.


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