Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

The Ministry of Stories is London’s equivalent to Dave Egger’s 826 Writing Schools for kids 8-18, where they get one-on-one writing instruction.  To help fund the schools and also fire up the kids’s imaginations, the Ministry of Stories is located behind the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – Purveyor of Quality Goods for Monsters of Every Kind.  And how does one get from the monster supply store to the writing center?  Through a secret bookcase, natch.

The project has been an utter joy to work on, letting us flex both our design and our writing muscles in equal measure; as well as working with a fantastic team of collaborators including architects, writers, designers, dramaturgs (look it up) and others.

The identity for the Ministry itself grew out of an extensive series of branding workshops where hundreds of names for the project were mulled over. Lots of Post-It notes later, we eventually gravitated towards a group of names that had a slightly tongue-in-cheek air of authority about them. Alistair then happened to stumble upon his grandmother’s old post-war ration book, featuring the Ministry of Food logo, and that was that. The Ministry had found its name, mood, and identity.

Just an amazing concept for little kids.  It’s also reminiscent of Brooklyn’s Superhero Supplies, which fronts their 826 Writing Center.  The best part of this, aside from the concept, execution and design of the space are the products the Hoxton Street Monster Supply Co. sells.

There are more photos on flickr of the products, which combine wit, stellar typography and feels like they would not be out of place in the world of Harry Potter. If it’s imaginations they were hoping to stir, consider this a success.  Hit the jump for a few pictures.  

[via notcot/quipsologies]

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