The Year in Ideas, 2010

The annual edition of the New York Times Year in Ideas has dropped and this year the package design has finally caught up with the content.  It is striking in its presentation.  There is a 10-year retrospective by Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen:

The editors asked Tyler Cowen, the economist who helps run the blog Marginal Revolution, to read the previous nine Ideas issues and send us his thoughts on which entries, with the benefit of hindsight, struck him as noteworthy. Do any ideas from this year’s issue look promising? “I recall reading the 2001 issue when it came out,” he says. “And I was hardly bowled over with excitement by thoughts of ‘Populist Editing.’ Now I use Wikipedia almost every day. The 2001 issue noted that, in its selection of items, ‘frivolous ideas are given the same prominence as weighty ones’; that is easiest to do when we still don’t know which are which.”

To go along with articles about megalobsters, LeBron James’s “Decision”, ginger ale, and literary near futurism to name but a few.  There’s even a behind the scenes look at the making of the issues’s cover art, but I’d much rather learn about the team that put together the web package.  I’m bowled over by it.

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