There’s nothing worse than having an email or text message misconstrued because the person on the receiving end couldn’t decipher your intonation.  And it happens all the time to me.  Well that could change, thanks to something called ToneCheck, which aims to do for a written communication’s tone, what Spell Check does for spelling.

According to ToneCheck, at least, you misunderstood, might humiliate someone, whereas, you misunderstand, simply conveys sadness. Real human beings are behind these descriptions. Anyone can go to the site and rate sample phrases on a scale from zero to 10. The site pays five cents per rating. Though the writing tips are delivered through a computer program, Eldridge insists he’s not trying to make people sound like robots.

Sadly, it’s only available for Microsoft Outlook, but this would be great as a Gmail add-on or an extension for Firefox/Chrome.

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