Your Next Read

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few books going at once and an ondeck stack waiting in the wings.  And you’ve probably got half your brain thinking about what book you should read next.  It’s daunting!

Luckily, YourNextRead (the servers seem to be crashed at the moment) has your back.  From Lifehacker:

Tell YourNextRead what book you just finished—and enjoyed!—and it will generate a web of eight related books. You can click on any of the books to learn more about it which will, in turn, generate a new web that’s based on that book. Alternatively you can use the thumbs up/down buttons to agree or disagree with the suggestions that YourNextRead gives you.

Each suggestion includes Amazon rankings and ratings and a link to purchase the book on Amazon. You can use the service without logging in but signing up for a free account enables book-browsing history and wishlist functionality

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