Achewood Signs Off

“Another nagging idea which slowly grew from a whorl in the tub to a Pacific gyre was that, as I wrote piece after piece, it seemed like I was just imitating myself, if that makes any sense. I had always prided myself on not being formulaic (say, Monday jokes and lasagna jokes), so this presented a grave problem. I have always wanted Achewood to be something that didn’t exist before, including earlier versions of itself. … Like a sparrow birthing a clenched human fist, Achewood must be reborn in strange ways over time to achieve this ideal.” — Chris Onstad, announces an indefinite hiatus to the popular web comic Achewood.

Perhaps one of the best Onstad pieces, was the time he cooked bull testicles with the Portland Merc. Oddly, it sounds like Onstad has put aside Achewood at the moment to concentrate on food writing, something we can wholly endorse around these parts.

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