April’s Other Big Book Launch

Sure, most people are anxiously awaiting the release of David Foster Wallace‘s The Pale King. But there’s another big book coming out, that may be less heralded, but no less worthy of your consideration.

It’s The Free World by David Bezmozgis.

The debut novel from one of the The New Yorker‘s “20 Under 40” list from last summer, it tells the story of the Krasnanskys, a family of displaced Latvian Jews, waiting for Visas so that they can move to North America in the late 1970s. Although the 37-year-old Canadian has already released a book of short stories, Natasha and Other Stories, the reaction to The Free World suggests the novel is establishing Bezmozgis as a writer to pay attention to.

A survey of early reviews across the internet reveals that Bezmozgis first novel is something special, and even those that aren’t as enthusiastic still label Bezmozgis a serious talent


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