Free the Kindle

Kevin Kelly predicts that Amazon could begin handing out free Kindle devices, perhaps to Prime Members, based upon price projections from John Walkenbach.

In October 2009 John Walkenbach noticed that the price of the Kindle was falling at a consistent rate, lowering almost on a schedule. By June 2010, the rate was so unwavering that he could easily forecast the date at which the Kindle would be free: November 2011.

Since then I’ve mentioned this forecast to all kinds of folks. In August, 2010 I had the chance to point it out to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. He merely smiled and said, “Oh, you noticed that!” And then smiled again.

Though the Kindle is hovering still at $139, and looks to be holding steady (November is an awful long time away and imagine if the Kindle was only $50 — it would sell like…bunches), Michael Arrington has also picked up on this rumor.

Anyways, most people I know who own a Kindle enjoy it quite a bit, even if it is nothing more than a dedicated e-reading device. Amazon would probably benefit from selling a high volume of ebooks. [via DF]

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