How to Self-Publish

Over at Freakonomics, James Altucher discusses how he self-published a book and lays out his blueprint in case you’d like to do the same.

Here’s what I did to self-publish:

  • I created an account on They are owned by Amazon. Great customer service. You have any question at all you hit a button that says “Call Me” and within 30 seconds they have a customer representative calling your phone.
  • I downloaded a Microsoft Word template they provided. This template took into account whether a page was a left page or a right page, it helped build the table of contents, kept the page numbers accurate, etc. In other words, the template used by any publisher in the world when they format your book.
  • I made a cover. Createspace had over a million options when you combined their templates with images, fonts, etc. I used one of their photos.
  • I saved it as a PDF and uploaded it. I let them pick the ISBN number.

Solid, practical advice. There are several other tips and even a method to get his book for free, in case you want to see the end results of his efforts.

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