Jim Henson’s Final Unproduced Screenplay Turned into a Comic

Jim Henson’s only unproduced screenplay is being adapted into a comic courtesy of Archaia — the same group behind the awesome Fraggle Rock comics. It’s called A Tale of Sand and is due out November 16th (hint, hint Lady Oyster for someone’s birthday).

“It’s the last and only screenplay that Henson never got to produce in his lifetime,” says Archaia Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Christy, to LA Weekly, “so we’re bringing it to life as a graphic novel.”

Archaia has even created a new font for the book based on Henson’s actual writing, so it will look like Henson himself lettered the comic, which is pretty cool on several letters. Hopefully, Archaia releases the Henson font for other’s to use on website, etc.

LA Weekly got the scoop on this and they also report that Archaia will be producing a graphic novel based upon The Dark Crystal and one for Labyrinth about how Jareth became the Goblin King — “so it’s a David Bowie extravaganza,” remarked Christy.

Awesome sauce.

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