Kafka Books from Schoken

The covers of these Kafka books, from Schoken, are fairly superb. There’s this creepy, mind’s eye sort of thing running throughout all the books, with just a hint of the psychedelic. It’s almost as if the paranoia of the state is impugning the individual.  But what elevates these editions, are, like all design, the little details by cover designer Peter Mendelsund. It’s the use of FF Mister K, a typeface derived from the author’s penmanship by Julia Sysmäläinen, for the book’s titles and the use of Times for the author’s name. A curious move, but one that Mendelsund put great thought into.

“My associations with Times are two-fold, and contradictory. On the one hand, Times puts me in mind of Microsoft, MS Windows, Word (with which Times is distributed and is most people’s intro to the font), which in turn makes me think of nefarious organizations and the powerlessness of the individual in the face of the large, uncaring, politico-corporate entity,” he says.  “On the other hand, as the universal default face, it has an everyman-like humility to it. Kafka, I think, would approve.”

And whether Kafka would approve or not, we certainly do. [via fontsinuse]

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