National Book Award Finalist Withdraws After Mistake

Lauren Myracle was named to the National Book Award shortlist last Wednesday for her book, “Shine,” a novel about the experience of a gay teenager who is the victim of a hate crime. Dream come true, right? Wrong. Turns out, there was an error and Myracle was never supposed to make the shortlist.

“I was over the moon last week after receiving the call telling me that ‘Shine’ was a finalist for the award,” Myracle said. “I was later informed that ‘Shine’ had been included in error, but would remain on the list based on its merits. However, on Friday I was asked to withdraw by the National Book Foundation to preserve the integrity of the award and the judges’ work, and I have agreed to do so.”

The winners of the National Book Awards will be announced at a ceremony in Manhattan on Nov. 16. For their part, the foundation has called the whole episode a “regrettable error.”

You can buy Shine at Amazon for $10.

I’m sure it would make Myracle’s day to see sales of her book spike in the wake of such a shitty turn of events.

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