Nook Color is the Most Popular E-Reader?

I’m sorry, but I still find the news that the Nook Color has become the most popular e-reader, supplanting anything that Amazon offers to be factually incorrect. Of course, this makes me like one of those people that doesn’t believe in evolution or the dinosaurs despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

With that said, if you make a claim, you need to provide numbers to back it up and none of the articles that make the claim that the Nook Color has passed the Kindle in sales has any factual support.

Here is what every report hinges their bold claim on: “For eBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Color Nook helped the company to take the lead in the eReader market for the first time. Amazon’s Kindle was second, but the lack of a color offering has clearly impacted the company’s previous dominance in the eReader market. IDC forecasts the worldwide eReader market to ship 16.2 million units in 2011, a 24% increase over 2010.”

No hard numbers to speak of, just a blanket statement.

That’s from the IDC report. The reality is the Nook Color may have surpassed the Kindle, but not because the Kindle doesn’t come in color, it’s more likely because everyone already has a Kindle.

That, and the Nook Color caters to people who want both a Kindle and an Ipad. It splits the difference to great aplomb. One thing is for sure, though, Amazon definitely needs to come out with a tablet of their own. Something a bit more robust than the Nook Color, but not as full featured as the iPad would be nice.

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