On that Alternate Harry Potter Ending

So a writer is claiming that J.K. Rowling told him about an alternate ending to her Harry Potter saga. And before anyone gets too excited, there’s no way to verify that there’s any truth to it, save the writer’s word.

With that said, two thoughts come to mind. The first is Rowling probably had lots of different endings in mind as she was plotting out the saga. Secondly, the description seems kind of, well, too weird to be true.

Vulture notes: “In this version, Harry defeats Voldemort with a time-reversing spell that eventually freezes the Dark Lord as a child in his parents’ embrace, and the epilogue is even more controversial: Harry is the headmaster at Hogwarts, Ginny turned herself into a bird instead of growing old (totally normal behavior), and their great-great grandson, “Tom,” has evil stirrings. “Harry watched [Tom], and knew the whole world would soon darken again for generations to come,” Palast writes.”

I can believe Ginny turned herself into a bird, which, whatevs. Or even that Harry was savvy enough to use a time-reversing spell  — with Hermione’s help no doubt. But there’s no way anyone in that family is naming their son Tom. Sorry, nope. That’s like a Jewish person naming their kid Adolf.

Also:  An alternate history of the Harry Potter series if Rowling would have written the books from the perspective of Hermione Granger.

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