Meet the Adorable ‘Little Free Library’

Wisconsinites Todd Bol and Rick Brooks started the humble Little Free Library initiative in an effort to build more libraries around the world than philanthropist Andrew Carnegie did, who happened to build 2,510. So far, the experiment has resulted in the construction of more than 200 libraries in 20 countries.

What makes this both adorable and interesting is the libraries being built aren’t huge, monolithic odes to knowledge, but are rather tiny “buildings” that act as free community book exchanges. As Zoolander would say, they are building libraries for ants.

The libraries serve the basic function of offering free knowledge from a centralized place, but there’s also an element of serendipity here as well since one doesn’t know what knowledge will be available on any given day. There is really nothing about this I don’t love. It’s culture jamming and street art in the best possible way.

More: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | USA Today | All Things Considered [via laughingsquid]

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