More on the Olympic Opening Ceremony

We know director Danny Boyle has something interesting cooked up for the opening ceremony. Part of it will involve James Bond on a mission from Queen Elizabeth.

Now, we might really be in for something ridiculously insane:

If a British newspaper report is correct (and, oh, how we hope it is), Mary Poppins and Lord Voldemort will clash in a tense battle scene during Friday’s Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics.

The Sunday Times reports (subscription only) that a sequence featuring some of the best-loved literary characters in British history will climax when a 40-foot Voldemort, the notorious villain from the Harry Potter books, rises out of a bed in the center of Olympic Stadium and scares away representations of Alice from “Alice in Wonderland,” Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil. (Oliver Twist will presumably be waiting in a line at a concession stand.)

I don’t know how this fits in with James Bond and the Queen, but I love, love, love, the concept of British literary figures squaring off at the opening ceremony. I’ve only been mildly interesting in the Olympics, but now I’m definitely on board.

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