2007: The Year in Quotes

New York Magazine’s blog Vulture has a pretty awesome compendium of the year in quotes.? It’s worth taking a look at just to get a good laugh.

Some of the hightlights include:

“It’s easy, if you’re a poet, to write complex verses like, ‘I’m coming after you like VWXYZ.’ Just think about that. It’s like, ‘Yo, V does come after U! That’s fucking crazy!’ My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery thingies.” ?Will.I.Am on his creative process

“Somebody came to CAA with a project [starring] Jackie Chan and wanted to attach Pearl to it.” ?Proud father Adam McKay on the attention daughter Pearl received following her performance in Will Ferrell’s viral video “The Landlord”

“I reckon Martin Scorsese is sitting somewhere in an office in New York and he sees [the title] American Gangster and he’s like, ‘Fuck! And I went with Casino?'” ?Russell Crowe

“I do want to apologize publicly for that tape. Not for the tape ? just for hanging out with Scott Stapp.” ?Kid Rock on the sex tape he made with Creed front man Stapp and four women

Just a sampling, but the whole list is rather good and some are very poignent quotes and not just ridiculous pap.

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