A Night at the Mansion: Part 2


That’s the dude from 3, 6 Mafia. He’s an Oscar winner ladies and gentleman. Yes, yes he is. I love L.A. Anyway back to our regularly scheduled story.

We approached the crowd of about 30 guests. Our bosses were surprisingly happy to see us. I headed instantly to the bar to get bearings. Things were spinning and I felt high. It was one of those times you wish for. Like those moments from before the only way to have a good time was to get blotto. When the only drug was how fresh and new every experience was.

I ordered a Vodka and Monster; they used Grey Goose as the well vodka, mixing a stiff drink that went down too easy. We got another drink and went to the side of the pool. I squatted down and put my hand in. The temperature must have been over 85 degrees.

I followed the others to the sushi bar. Sadly there was no real food. I hadn?t eaten all day so I scarfed up delicious hor d?oeuvres, cheese and sushi. It was so fresh, it tasted like it had come out of a secret pond. If it did I wouldn?t have been surprised.

There were met the cast of ?Paradise City?. It was my first time meeting Jenna and Brook. Scottie and Stacie had met them before. Jenna was scorching hot. She completely dwarfed Brook, who wants to be model. Jenna and I hit it off instantly. She was way out of my league but so new to stardom that she didn?t know it yet. She stood there in amazement as the TVs surrounding the pool and patio showed her and Brook?s face.

This was the first time she had seen the show and she was shocked to find that what they were showing was the first episode. What she was watching had happened many weeks into her stay in Vegas. Clearly taken out of context for how events actually unfolded. It was a surreal experience for the both of us. I told her he most interesting thing I could think of about reality TV.

?Think of the ten things you most want to see on the show,? I said. ?None of them will be in. Now think of the ten things you don?t want to see the most, guaranteed they will all be in.? I know, real deep. But it?s hard to think when Playboy Bunnies are gliding past you. She was impressed but became a little sad. No sooner than I opened my mouth did she walk off with Brook.

As they did I told Scottie and Stacie how much hotter in person she was. Their fist reaction was to tell me that she was a bit odd ?A scientologist who is going out with Brian Urlacher.? I decided to stay away before I was blitzed by the Bear?s linebacker.

The freedom here was just too good. We were truly guests. I lead the way into this cave like stone walls. There were big switches on the wall that appeared to be from the 70’s. Ahead were folded red towels. I soon began to realize where I was heading… could it be? Yes it was. The infamous Grotto! I turned the corner into the most beautiful amazing place I have ever seen.


It was a stone circular structure of about 25 ft. in diameter. The sides were lined with cochins you could swim up to. It was totally lit by candles. A flowing waterfall was the only entrance to the main pool. It filled the Shangri-La like cave with a tranquil splashing sound. I thought about those glorious cathedrals in France that I paid to see and how much more breathe taking this was.

We started snapping pictures. Something was now coming over us. A swelling tide from deep with in. Frankly it can only be described as the desire to fuck. It was all around us. Fornication was everywhere. Honestly you could feel sex in the stones. That many orgasms will leave a few marks on a place (not like that, you sickos, but I guess that possibility exists). I began trying to convince myself that I didn?t have a girlfriend and even if I did, tonight didn?t count.

We were all becoming sexually charged and began to act like we owned the place. I joked that the pool was probably 30 % semen. Soon the mood was broken by more people entering the grotto. Time to move on.

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