A sleek car, a murder mystery and eBay

KITT from the hit 80’s show Knight Rider, and so to be remade or updated or just basterdized by NBC, is on sale at eBay. The car’s owner was murdered before he was set to cop a guilty plea for a multimillion dollar fraud case. “The April 2006 fatal stabbing remains unsolved,” according to reports.


But we don’t care about any unsolved murder. KITT is on sale! Hopefully, it comes with a talking computer, the ability to drive itself and a drunken Hoff.

The eBay listing remained in low gear yesterday, with no bids.

“We just listed it a few days ago,” said lawyer Patrick Gil, the court-appointed executor of Kissel’s estate. “We’ve got some people interested, but we haven’t gotten a bid yet.”

According to Gil, the black Trans Am – with only 5,000 miles on it – was one of just four made specifically for the TV series. And it’s the last asset remaining in Kissel’s estate, he said Thursday.

The car is in California, where Kissel bought it for $69,000 in 2005, Gil said. The buyer must pay for any transportation costs to ship the car, and Gil wants a minimum bid of $20,000.

Since Kissel’s death, Gil said, he has sold off an assortment of the real estate developer’s property – including a boat named the Special K and a 1920s automobile called the KisselKar.

“He was such an egomaniac,” Gil said.

Creditors already have claimed more than $30 million owed by Kissel when he died. Money from the sale of the “Knight Rider” car would go to help pay them off, Gil said.

The 46-year-old Kissel was discovered with his hands and feet bound and stab wounds in his back.

His brother, Robert Kissel, was killed three years ago in Hong Kong by his wife. She fed him a strawberry milk shake laced with poison and then bludgeoned him to death.

Sounds like a family I want to be a part of! Also, love how the lawyer has no probs with besmirking the guy long after his death. Hurray for lawyers.

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