American Vagabonds

Morning ya’ll. Feeling real sleepy this morning. I ended up staying up and got sucked into watching VH1’s Behind the Music: Kid Rock.

And it was Rocktastic, let me tell ya. I knew it would be banging when it opened with the faux-British narrator: “He’s a rapper, a rocker, a good ole country boy (pause for dramatic effect), a stone cold pimp.” No lie. I mean, with an intro like that how could you not wanna watch that. I’m just hoping when someone does a documentary on me, one of my friends describes me as a stone cold pimp.

Anyhow. Of course, it didn’t live up to that opening line, but man was it sad when Rock’s midget friend Joe C. died of liver complications. I really wished they had gone into that weirdly homoerotic sex tape Bob “Kid Rock” Richie was in with that chump from Creed. Maybe that’s for the sequel.

Regardless, this is the whole point of this post. I came across an interesting photo essay on American vagabonds. Can’t really decide it I think it’s funny, depressing or what. Just not sure why anyone would choose to live like this. I mean I can empathize with people when it happens out of their control. You lose your job and that slippery slope just gets huge. I get that, I understand that, I feel for that. But what I don’t understand is why anyone would choose this life.

Click on the photo to see the entire photo essay. There’s a lot of humanity in these photos and it’s easy to see that whomever took them really cared about the subject or was possibly living this life as well. I wish I knew the background to these photos – who took them, where they were shot, etc. – because you can’t deny the power of these images.

They are captivating and alluring and they make you think and question and care and essentially they do everything that a great photo essay should. Bravo to the photographer. If you’re out there and read this, my hats of to you and I’d love to chat sometime.


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