Caffeine + soap = Genius?

For those that know me well, it’s no surprise that for the better part of the day I’ve got this sleepy thing going on. And when I get bored at meetings, family gatherings, class, etc. my brain shuts down and I end up going to sleep. I dunno I can’t explain it. No amount of caffeine or booze can keep me awake when my brain decides to go into standby mode.

And waking up is especially difficult. But now thanks to Shower Shock the time before my coffee IV injection and after i wake up can be smoothed out significantly.

Scientists have figured out how to combine caffeine into a bar of soap, so that when you’re showering the caffeine goes straight into your blood stream, delivering the equivalent of two cups of coffee per lather. Damn straight.

Generally my hands are still shaking from a lack of caffeine when I wake up, so if scientists can figure out how to put caffeine into my pillow, preferably on an eight-hour timed release capsule, then I would be much obliged.

Wonder if the soap looks anything like this?

Just kidding… It actually looks like this –


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