Did You Miss Me?

Was on vacation in the Bahamas, checkin’ out Catherine Zeta Jones on the beach. She and Michael have a place there, you know. Are you believing any of this? Would you believe on the beach in Cabo? Crabbing in Newport? Would you believe…I got sand in my shorts after tripping at a construction site?

We have a new category, although I hesitate to be too much about the hot women all the time. (Did I just say that? Is it even possible to be too much about the hot women? Assuming, you know, no stalking or anything like that.) New category is…

This Week’s ?Woman-to-Kill-or-Die-For.? This is from a great scene in 1985’s Gotcha, where a character uses it in reference to Linda Fiorentino. Twenty-two years later, I have to say she would still qualify for the category, but she is not this week’s winner.


The winner is Donna Feldman. Not Agent 99 from Get Smart, but an incredibly exotic and sultry- looking model/actress, in spite of the vanilla name. Check out her pics on DonnaFeldman dot net; you won’t be disappointed. And 99 was Barbara Feldon, what the hell’s the matter with you?

Can you tell which hot chick she is in this JT video?

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