Forget Beijing in 2008 the real competition is in Williamsburg

I’m not quite sure how funny this will be to anyone who’s never been around hipsters or isn’t oddly a hipster themselves.? So yeah, you can imagine what it was like to see a sad reflection of myself in this video.? Kinda… I’m not really that bad.? Though I’m sure my friends would disagree.

Best part of the video is well, where to begin.? How about the jabs at Pitchfork, Vice and Pabst. Um how about with the Myspace profile picture, or the ironic T-shirt competition (“Abstinance in 1987!”) or the record competition to find a band you liked before you hated them for selling out.? Bonus points for sarcasm!

Anyway, you don’t want to read about this fine video from comedy troupe Poykpac (ironically based in Bushwick, Brooklyn).? You want to watch the dang thing.

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