Geeked out over ‘Watchmen’

So what’s it like for your favorite geeks to geek out over something? It’s an interesting question, mostly because you never think of writers, directors, or comic book guys as being geeks (or at least I don’t, I have this image of them as all being super cool like Vincent Vega).

Regardless Wizard Magazine sat down with Damon Lindeloff (Lost), David Goyer (writer of Batman Begins, Blade Trilogy), Brian K. Vaughn (Y: The Last Man) and Ed Brubaker (comic god in general) to talk about nothing but Alan Moore’s seminal piece of literature Watchmen.

This interview is pretty awesome and provides a nice primer for either folks who haven’t read the book yet or for folks trolling for more information before Zak Snyder’s film adaptation comes out. It’s an excellent companion piece to all the casting rumors being bandied about lately.

Yes, we have entered the stages of digging up any and all information about Watchmen that we can.

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