Good Cop, Baby Cop

While we’re at it. Most of you have probably already seen the Will Ferrell and Pearl vidoe “The Landlord.” This has been out for a few days., actually since Monday night. This time around Pearl plays a cop in the interogation of Will Ferrell. And she’s going to get a confession even if it’s NYPD Blue style. If foul-mouthed kids isn’t your cup of tea, well, then bug off.

It also marks the last time she’ll be in acting. The site released a press release from Pearl, saying “My ventures as an actor on the Internet have been rewarding and spiritually fulfilling, but now I must look to broader challenges as I approach my 26th month.”

The Washington Post has a brief look into the comedy website venture.

One should note, this is def. NSFW

Good Cop, Baby Cop

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