Harry Potter casts another spell

A primary school in the UK has jumped from the bottom-ranked schools into the top 5% nationally based upon a Harry Potter themed curriculum.

“Pupils are enthusiastic about their work in mathematics and particularly enjoy practical tasks and those that allow them to investigate mathematics. Some pupils said they enjoyed calculations because they knew what they were doing and they liked getting things right.

“They commented that mathematics is fun because they are always challenged and their teachers link it to the work they are doing in other subjects. Lessons observed were taught through the topic being covered in literacy. For example, subtraction was seen as a spell by ‘Harry Potter’.”

Just goes to show you that learning doesn’t have to be stuffy. I learned to read and do math from the sports section of The Boston Globe and baseball box scores, respectively. I’m guessing that sort of learning would be frowned upon here in the States. But it just shows what can happen when you tap into a young person’s imagination and enthusiasm to learn.

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