Maxim’s Best of List

So I don’t normally feel inclined to post stuff like this, however, keeping up with the tide of year end lists, Maxim has bestowed upon us their list of super-duper hot B-list half-naked celebrities.? Curiously Hayden Panatierre from Heroes slid in at number one.

Okay, whatever.? She’s easily one of the worst aspects of the show, which took a notorious nosedive into a bathtub this season.


But number 2 was Natalie Portman and well, we love Natalie Portman.? She’s classy and regal and intelligent and has no business being associated with the cheap sluts on a Maxim list.

She even got us to see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which wasn’t half as bad as you might think it is.? And it’s a good excuse to look back and remember how excited we got for her role in that Wes Anderson short film and how much she made us laugh with her skillz on the mic.

Classy dude, classy.

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  • MP3 December 17, 2007, 10:12 am

    Natalie is a really good and intelligent woman. In my opinion she has some slight shortcomings the way that she speaks is a little bit strange to me, despite she is cute. But cute not in sense- slut, but sympathetic, she deserves a better magazine to be listed in!