Post-Halloween scare: Buried Alive

Remember in Kill Bill Volume 2 when Uma was buried alive and she started punching her way out of the coffin with her bare knuckles and you thought to yourself, hell yeah this chick is baaaad asss. And then you thought, well, what if I got buried alive would I be able to punch my way out without the help of kung-fu training from Sonny Chiba? And for the entire rest of the movie this was all you kept thinking about until Uma ripped out Daryl Hannah’s eye.

It goes without saying that being buried alive scares the shit out of me. It’s probably one of the worst things imaginable and I’ve always thought that being abducted/buried alive makes for one creepy ass movie.

So over the past few days, PR folks/marketers have been approaching us about a new online series from called Buried Alive.

It’s equal parts horror story and scavenger hunt. The audience gets a bunch of clues to track down the villian and help the six victims, etc. We were pretty skeptical around these parts but they sent us a little bit of it and though we’re not sure we’ll pay much attention to it when the six-week series launches tomorrow (Nov. 2) we’re intrigued enough. Each day will see the release of a two-minute episode until the series conclusion. Buried Alive is being produced in conjuction with Sony Pictures Television.

To be honest it all reaks of trying to create the next Lonelygirl15 phenomenon, which was such a black swan, trying to recreate that seems utterly pointless.

But being buried alive is scary and we like to be scared, so maybe we’ll give this a chance. But to be honest our interest cord is only two-inches long.

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