Sneak peak of Alan Moore’s latest opus “Black Dossier”


He’s the genius that all story tellers bow down to. Comic book artist Alan Moore has the third part of his exceptional League of Extraordinary Gentleman due Nov. 14 from Wildstorm Comics. Most people will only remember the crappy Sean Connery movie and that would be a shame.

These are exceptional stories, wildly inventive and incredibly R-Rated material (look no further than in the second part when Mr. Hyde raped and killed the Invisible Man). For those of you scratching your heads, basically what Alan Moore does is imagine a Victorian era London where literature characters form the first superhero team. He takes characters such as Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, Allen Quartermain, Mina Harker, etc. as they thwart the dasterly plans of an archenemy.

It’s all great, pulpy story telling. EW has a preview of the latest installment, including five pages to oogle. With such rich detail crammed into every page, you’ll want to oogle. Trust us.

Titled Black Dossier, the book marks the last League yarn to be published by Wildstorm; the prickly Moore, who’s had some long-standing beefs with Wildstorm’s parent, DC Comics, is taking the property to Top Shelf, which will release a new miniseries next year. (But believe it when you see it: Moore and O’Neill are notorious slowpoke perfectionists.) With anticipation high in fanboy quarters, is proud to bring you this exclusive First Look of Black Dossier.

What you need to know: The story is set in an alternative-history England roughly 50 years after the Martian invasion of 1898. Quatermain and Murray, both strangely younger than when we saw them previous (and they were quite old back then ? like, liver-spotted and wrinkled-prune old), are trying to track down a mysterious book that contains secrets about their League adventures and revelations about other League teams throughout history. Natch, there are some baddies who are desperate to make sure the dynamic duo fail in their quest.

Sounds good to us. Black Dossier hits shelves on Nov. 14.

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