Southbridge’s Ryan Fitzgerald

Well, well. It seems after posting his cellphone number as an experiment on You Tube, Fitzy (as we like to call him around here) racked up about 5,000 phone calls and a boatload more in text messages. The unemployed Masshole (well, okay he’s nice enough to listen which makes him a step up from everyone else) has been all over the news, from The Globe to CNN.

All because he posted his cellphone online. The calls have been coming in from all over the world and true to his word, Fitzy’s taken the time, whether it’s five minutes or thirty minutes to talk to random strangers. Gotta love that. People have been offering to help with his, more than likely, ricockulous cellphone bill. His cellphone company, T-Mobile, will not be one of those helping him out.

In a statement released to The Boston Globe, the company had this to say:

“We find Ryan Fitzgerald’s experiment to be interesting and we are glad he was able to take advantage of the unlimited weekend and evening minutes included in his T-Mobile plan,” the company said. “We look forward to learning more about Ryan’s efforts.”

How nice of them to give a tidy sales pitch. Anyway, if you feel like giving Ryan a call check him out below.

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