The best and worst of the internet

So as I was searching for that clip of I Come in Peace for the last post, I ended up spending a good amount of time (or wasting it) watching random clips of Dolph Lundgren on YouTube. Now, about a few days ago a very similar thing happened, only instead of Dolph Lundgren it was Michelle Branch music videos.

I think this signifies the internet’s greatest abilities but also it’s singular drawback. I mean it’s hard to grasp just how mind blowing it is being able to watch every single Michelle Branch music video ever made. Like this one.

Now imagine watching like five of those videos. That’s about 30 minutes of your life you’ve just wasted watching music videos. Nothing against Michelle Branch, she’s not particularly bad, in fact I would argue she’s oddly pleasing on the eyes, but then again there’s no way I’m ever going to get those 30 minutes back. None, poof. That half-hour block is gone.

I’ll be withered and dying from syphilis and my first thought will be “goddamn YouTube and letting me get sucked into watching Michelle Branch videos!!! The injustice of it all!!”

But it’s amazing that I can even watch any single Michelle Branch video any time I want to at the simple click of a button. For example, what spurned this post was this exercise video starring Dolph Lundgren.

It’s totally craptacular, but in a weird way unless the internet gets invented I’m never going to see this video in my life. Is that bad or is that good? I dunno, but what I do know is this paradox is something that Malcolm Gladwell needs to investigate.

Someone should be looking into whether or not Internet 2.0 is ultimately the greatest information library or really just the ultimate waste of time.? And that makes me wonder if the regular library is a waste of time or just the digital variety.

The proof is that in the last 15 minutes while you were reading this post and watching those two strangely captivating videos you were secretly wishing you could get that time back. Welcome to the future.

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