The Living Camera

Steven Wiltshire is an autistic savant living in London who did not speak until he was five and still has difficulty with language as an adult. When he was eleven he drew a perfect aerial view of London after flying over it only once.

Check out this crazy video of him drawing the City of Rome after a single flyover.

It’s pretty mind boggling what this gentleman can do. Cruise through his website to read about his history, his works of art, etc. I’m just amazed.

As told by Stephen Wiltshire – ‘I draw from memory, buildings and cities mostly. I can look at something for a few minutes, take it in, then go somewhere else and put it on paper. The lines, the shapes, and angles and arcs. I can go back in my mind and draw a scene I saw years ago – like the Chicago skyline in 1991, or what I saw during a carriage ride in Central Park yesterday.’

I’d write more, but I’m literally in awe. Stephen Wiltshire’s amazing ability has literally stolen my ability to speak or comprehend how anyone can do something like this.

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