Thursday Morning Blues

Well, it’s raining here in Boston, so much for the glorious weather of yesterday. Looks like we’ll be getting the crazy cold Canadian weather in the next few days instead of the weather from down South. Makes me angry. Oh well. Anyhow since leaving you early yesterday I managed to run some errands, cruise around with the windows down, et cetera.

Glad the interogators from Gitmo finally got Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to admit he was the mastermind behind 9/11. In a related story, Ron Jeremy admits he has a long lost half-brother. Seriously, Mohammed and Jeremy could be doppelgangers. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez isn’t going away any time soon, but neither is the story of his wrongfully terminating several federal prosecutors. Unfortunately, if Fox News has it’s way, the story will be buried in no time at all. Already, they’ve buried the story off the front page of their website.

I also picked up some new albums to check out. Expect some thoughts and tracks over today and tomorrow from:

We’ve also gonna have a look at the DVD for Snakes on a Plane and start a new column where we look back and recontextualize old albums and movies. We were gonna call it “The Vault” but then we realized that’s what everyone calls this clever column idea. So we’ll think of something else equally as lame and probably end up changing it after a week or so.

The first thing we’ll dig into is Noah Baumbach’s 1995 film Kicking and Screaming. It’s put out in a nifty set by Criterion and though I thought very little of his breakout film The Squid and the Whale, I can now see why Wes Anderson would want to work with him after watching Kicking and Screaming.

Time Magazine has two stories advancing the 300 phenomena. One looks at the movie’s reception in Iran. Apparantly Iranians think the movie was funded by the U.S. government for progaganda. Which is weird, because no one who went to see the movie, myself included, knows that the Persian Empire is modern day Iran. I thought it was Turkey. You can imagine my surprise upon reading the article. Oh well, they give American’s too much credit in the whole “world history” category.

But Richard Corliss examines why the movie was so successful. He breaks it down to seven categories. Among them are the marketing, the general success of historical epics, Frank Miller’s graphic novel (which, no lie the writer describes as a “jizzed-up verson of the Battle of Thermopylae.” Seriously would you want to read a comic book that’s all jizzed-up? It might be too sticky to turn the pages.), political and religious metaphors, the visual look, the hot women (i.e. Lena Headey’s supple breasts), and the chiselled men (which he claims comes off very gay and homoerotic). But um, he forgot the most important factor: THE MOVIE KICKS UNHOLY ASS! There’s nothing gay about a bunch of ripped dudes stabbing the crap out of another army. Yeah, yeah maybe it’s a little gay, but no more gay than say Alexander or Spartacus.

And though March Madness kicks off today and that’s reason enough to take the day off, we just want to say how bout Syracuse pulling out a tough first round win in the N.I.T. and then did anyone catch that Mavs – Suns game last night. Holy hot hell Batman! That was a basketball game. Can we just have these two teams play the rest of the year and then skip ahead to the NBA finals? Of course with them fighting it out for the title.

We’ve also got a nice little tribute to Saved By the Bell today for ya.

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  • Jim March 15, 2007, 12:22 pm

    Oddly enough I first heard of Art Brut on ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Kinda sad in a way. I figured they’d be worth checking out and after a cursory listen I’m thinking, eh? Not sure if they’ll be worth my time…

  • glynnie March 15, 2007, 12:08 pm

    art brut is a good time, even though it is not really my cup of tea. they are however, a really fun band to see live.