Twixters – a Canadian comedy

So it goes without saying that the hype surrounding Quarterlife is pretty horrible, mostly because the show sucks, mostly because any attempt to define a generation by a couple of doofuses like Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz (even though they’ve been so damn successful and good at it, damn you Hollywood) just seems pointless. Maybe it’s because I’m of that generation they are trying to “define” and it just seems so repulsive.

Regardless, I’ve been poking around to see what I could find on the show/phenomena and stumbled on this Canadian version of the show. I know what you’re immediately thinking … Canadian? Well, Canada’s pretty cool, don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it.

Quick SAT question: Canada is to America as ___________ is to Jay Leno. If you immediately guessed Letterman you won the big boy prize. Heck, even Conan O’Brien is an acceptable answer. The point is that Canada rocks! If you don’t believe me, go check out a Tragically Hip concert sometime. You could also substitute “microsoft is to Apple.”

So back to this whole Canadian show. It’s called Twixters and it doesn’t take itself too seriously and does a pretty good job of lampooning the whole Quarterlife phenom. Even though the production budget looks about as big as my piggy bank, there seems to be some real energy behind the show. I probably laughed more in their trailer and thought “hey I kinda like this” than I did in four episodes of Quarterlife. (I know, I know I can’t believe I actually went back and watch the other episodes too) It looks like the people making Twixters put some thought into using comedy as a weapon to defend our generation.


Show creaters Dan Speerin and Wes McClintock

From what I can gather about the show, it uses the same methods as a lot of internet 2.0, i.e. utilizing blogs, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube to spread out their content. The show actually debuts on Nov. 27 on BiteTV, but we’re going to work and get the first episode for a review and see if the show is actually better or worse than the trailers, quick scenes, etc. that we have found.

The show was created by Dan Speerin and Wes McClintock and various actors, actresses and comedians from Toronto, that are apart of a troupe called Cynically Tested; but again I’ll see what I can find for you in hopes of tracking these folks down. For now enjoy the trailer, follow the links to see more and check back in with us for updates.

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  • James Furbush November 14, 2007, 3:25 pm

    Nice catch Big Rob… I think I unwittingly paid Microsoft a compliment and insulted Canada at the same time… a sad and terrible first for me…

  • big rob November 14, 2007, 12:31 pm

    I think you meant, you could also substitute “Apple is to Microsoft.” Otherwise, I think you really insulted Canada.