Two World Series follow-ups


So we’re having a hard time concentrating on music, movies and celebrity gossip this morning. The usual shit we cover. Let’s just get it on the table. We’re Red Sox fanatics, as in we used to sneak into Fenway Park as children, remember starting fights in the bleachers, etc. etc. There is no shame in that, except when it comes to all the bandwagon fans courted over the past five years, the constant “we’re not the Yankees” mea culpa from long time fans still struggling to adjust to the new world order.

But still, it’s pretty sweet to watch your team win the World Series. It just is and I’m not making any apologies for that. But two things struck me as fairly interesting this morning, moving beyond the sports related stories:

  • The first is that Jordan’s Furniture, a four-store chain in the greater Boston metropolitan area, ran a promotion back in April that if customers bought any furniture that month and the Red Sox won the World Series, well, those customers got the furniture for free. Turns out some 30,000 customers have hit the jackpot from this promotion. No details have been released as to how much free furniture the store ended up shelling out, but luckily they took out an insure policy to cover their losses.
  • Also, Jordan’s Furniture is the most awesomest furniture store in the world. This is an undisputed fact.
  • Secondly, the Colorado Rockies love Jesus? The Nation has a story regarding the Rockies desires to sign “character” guys, and by character guys we mean players who love Jesus.

And according to the Tribe of Coors, “character” means accepting Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior. “We’re nervous, to be honest with you,” Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd said. “It’s the first time we ever talked about these issues publicly. The last thing we want to do is offend anyone because of our beliefs.” When people are nervous that they will offend you with their beliefs, it’s usually because their beliefs are offensive.

I guess signing good ballplayers and having the second-highest payroll in baseball will always trump Jesus when it comes to the diamond. Also, Pedro Cerrano has come out publicly saying he will never play for the Colorado Rockies, but that was after he sacrificed a chicken and put a voodoo curse on the team … hence why they lost to the Red Sox. Read the entire article, it’s totally messed up and makes me even happier The Sawx won the World Series.

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