Book 8: Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s bathroom stall

Talk about left field. Harry Potter matriarch J.K. Rowling admitted at a recent reading that Professor Albus Dumbledore likes to cast more than just spells with his wizard wand.

“I always saw Dumbledore as gay,” Rowling said in answer to a fan’s question about whether the wizard ever found love.

The books contain virtually no references to the headmaster’s sexuality and even screenwriters working on an upcoming “Harry Potter” movie didn’t have an inkling, Rowling said.

She was recently reading a script draft in which Dumbledore reminisces about a girl he was once attracted to. “I had to write a little note in the margin and slide it along to the script writer: ‘Dumbledore’s gay,’ ” Rowling said.

Weird. Interesting to see how this news goes over in the coming weeks and whether or not this has any traction or if anyone even really cares.

I’m going to start the rumor right now. Voldemort’s really angry and wants to kill everyone because Dumbledore was a little inappropriate with him as a student.


Is he looking at Fluer or is he trying to sneak a peak at Barty Crouch?

On another related note: J.K. Rowling is insanely rich. I just thought I would point that out.

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