Welcome back…changes are afloat

Well, I finally made it into Portland, a city with as many nicknames as parks.? So far, so good.? I actually made it hear about two weeks ago, but alas I didn’t have internet and finding furniture for an apartment is almost as burdonsome as moving.

Regardless we are back.? And though I was going to try to do updates from the road, well, let’s just say that despite incredible times in Buffalo (big thanks to Stewart, Meg and Maya) and Chicago…towing a trailer with a Volvo is pretty stupid idea.? In fact, it’s so stupid that it will cause you’re car to break down in the middle of nowhere South Dakota.? I kept waiting for Kit Carruthers and Holly Sargis to come and get me.? Good times all around.

The short of it is car is no good, Crazy Horse monument is amazing, Mount Rushmore is disappointing, never made it to Yellowstone and Montana and Eastern Washington are deceptively ugly states… Where in god’s name are the Evergreen trees or fly fishing sanctuaries?? Oh well.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my camera working and get a little photo diary up on the site.

As for changes to The Sly Oyster.? The family has grown a bit in the month since I left Boston.? I’d like to take a moment and welcome three new contributors: Dale Jones will be bringing readers the best video game coverage, Sarah Skerrett has the scoop on all the latest Hollywood soap operas (we’re debating calling our revamped celebrity gossip section “Whor’dourves.”? What do all you readers think?? Let us know in the comments below!), and finally with television duties have been handed over to The TV Diva Tearei McWhirter.

Say hello and get to know them because we’re hoping they’ll be here for awhile. ? It may take a bit to get ramped up full steam here at the offices, but in no time at all we should be back on cruise control.? It’s amazing when you drop off the grid for just one month all the things that happen.? O.J. gets arrested, Iron Man comes out with a trailer, Britney loses custody of her kids, lots of great albums have been released, and we’ve missed so many movies we wonder how we’ll catch up, Indiana Jones has a title for his last adventure, it’s all so overwhelming.

Back in a bit!

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  • Lauren September 20, 2007, 8:43 am

    Whor’douvres….I love it!!

  • The Wine guy September 19, 2007, 7:49 am

    Whor’douvres is banging….keep rock, keep rocking that thang girl….all the way from the west coast, shnit!

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